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Anke Schmitz
Head of Technology Marketing
+49 721 608-22172
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Karola Janz
Editorial Office RESEARCH TO BUSINESS, Innovation Contest
+49 721 608-22497
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KIT Simone Schappert
Communication KIT founders forge
+49 721 608-22612
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Mail: innovationLsb4∂kit edu

Phone: 0721 608-25530

Technology Marketing

Experience technologies

The KIT has much to offer – created countless ideas, inventions, technologies and processes that form the basis for cooperation with industry are created by the scientific institutes. The innovation department is a door opener to the KIT for companies looking for technical solutions, people interested in collaborations and investors.

Scientific employees who search for a collaboration partner for their applied research also have access to the consultation of the innovation management.

In this process, the innovation department supports in the areas of marketing, sales and project initiation.

In addition, the innovation management manages the central communication of the founders activities at KIT within the KIT founders forge.


Any questions?

You can contact us at any time using the technology hotline or mail:
(+49)721 608-25530

Technology Proposals

Schadstoffreduktion Pellets
Reducing pollutants in flue gases

Optimised small-scale combustion with adsorbing pellets reduces dioxin and furan levels in flue gases.

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Flexible Prüfstände
Beam-steering OLEDs

Manufacturing process for organic light-emitting diodes enables targeted beam steering and higher light yield.

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Umweltfreundliche Stromspeicher
White luminescence

KIT has developed a luminescence colouring agent that can create white luminescence in OLEDs or lasers.

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Long-life prostheses and implants

A crystalline layer of hydroxyl-apatite can form a pressure-resistant and high-tensile link with bones or teeth.

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A look at the rotary reactor

An automatic, image-based analysing method can recognise deposit build-ups in rotary reactors and ensures optimum processing.

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Preventing cracks in electrode material

New zero-strain electrode material consisting of lithium-metal fluoride for lithium-ion batteries.

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Electrolyte for magnesium batteries

KIT scientists are developing an electrolyte that is simple to manufacture and could be used in novel magnesium batteries.

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Drying in defined conditions

New dryer system enables product development in production-related conditions in laboratories.

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