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Anke Schmitz
Head of Technology Marketing
+49 721 608-22172
anke weigelNnk5∂kit edu
Karola Janz
Editorial Office RESEARCH TO BUSINESS, Innovation Contest
+49 721 608-22497
karola janzUws5∂kit edu
KIT Simone Schappert
Communication KIT founders forge
+49 721 608-22612
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Sandra Erath
Technology Marketing, Online Editing
+49 721 608-22167
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Mail: innovationHpp0∂kit edu

Phone: 0721 608-25530

Technology Marketing

Experience technologies

The KIT has much to offer – created countless ideas, inventions, technologies and processes that form the basis for cooperation with industry are created by the scientific institutes. The innovation department is a door opener to the KIT for companies looking for technical solutions, people interested in collaborations and investors.

Scientific employees who search for a collaboration partner for their applied research also have access to the consultation of the innovation management.

In this process, the innovation department supports in the areas of marketing, sales and project initiation.

In addition, the innovation management manages the central communication of the founders activities at KIT within the KIT founders forge.


Any questions?

You can contact us at any time using the technology hotline or mail:
(+49)721 608-25530

Technology Proposals

The novel fastening technology of the pump with clamps including 32 multi-surface forms.
More safety at the crash moment

A new fastening method guarantees simple assembly and the safe use of turbopumps.

Technology proposal
KIT Logo
Of plates and pastes

New production method for thick-film substrates creates efficient and multifunctional power electronics modules.

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pipe segment
Elegantly insulated

Laser-sintered multi-walled pipe elements with insulating intermediate layer offer wide range of applications.

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scheme: inhaling the drug combination
Relief in one breath

Novel combination drug with depot function enables focused and effective treatment of mucoviscidosis symptoms in the lungs.

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vibration damper
A vibration damper as an add-on solution

A damper developed at KIT can efficiently reduce undesirable vibrations in machines and plants.

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Microscopic view of the nanostructured surfaces of a manufactured current conductor after short-pulse laser irradiation.
More efficiency through light

Short-pulse laser irradiation creates better layer adhesion between current conductor foils and active matter in lithium-ion batteries.

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Rotating brushes
An all-round clean-up

Rotating brushes automatically brush off long-fibred dirt, improving the performance of floor-cleaning appliances.

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Surmounting obstacles

A balancing assistant for wheelchairs can cope semi-automatically with obstacles with the aid of sensor and control engineering.

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