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Anke Schmitz
Head of Technology Marketing
+49 721 608-22172
anke schmitzAmi1∂kit edu
Karola Janz
Editorial Office RESEARCH TO BUSINESS, Innovation Contest
+49 721 608-22497
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KIT Simone Schappert
Communication KIT founders forge
+49 721 608-22612
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Mail: innovationJzt3∂kit edu

Phone: 0721 608-25530

Technology Marketing

Experience technologies

The KIT has much to offer – created countless ideas, inventions, technologies and processes that form the basis for cooperation with industry are created by the scientific institutes. The innovation department is a door opener to the KIT for companies looking for technical solutions, people interested in collaborations and investors.

Scientific employees who search for a collaboration partner for their applied research also have access to the consultation of the innovation department.

In this process, the innovation department supports in the areas of marketing, sales and project initiation.

In addition, the innovation department manages the central communication of the founders activities at KIT within the KIT founders forge.


Any questions?

You can contact us at any time using the technology hotline or mail:
(+49)721 608-25530

Technology Proposals

Druckbarer Elektrolyt
Printable Electrolytes With printable Electronics, intelligent Products could become cheaper still -
KIT Researchers have developed a special Electrolyte
To technology proposal
Flexible Prüfstände
In the Green Area Flexible Test Rigs Help to Study and Optimize Electric Motors for Vehicles
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Umweltfreundliche Stromspeicher
Environmentally Compatible Electricity Storage Systems KIT-developed Cathode Material Makes Accumulators Cheaper and Environmentally More Compatible
To technology proposal
Glass Fiber Bundle Collects Fine Dust Low-cost Fine Dust Separator for Compliance with New Emission Limits for Private Small Heating Devices
To technology proposal
Chloride-ion Accumulator Future Batteries Might Be Based on Environmentally Compatible, Easily Accessible, and Inexpensive Chlorine Instead of the Much Less Abundant Lithium
To technology proposal
Carbamates Based on Renewable Resources Sustainable Synthesis Process to Produce Carbamates, Urea Derivatives, and Aromatic Amines for Chemical Industry
To technology proposal
Saving Expenses in Semiconductor Production Mineral layer allows for high doping densities of semiconductors and facilitates production process
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Hybrid Bonding Novel Robust and Inexpensive Technology for Bonding Structural Components
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