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Anke Schmitz
Head of Technology Marketing
+49 721 608-22172
anke weigelGzh2∂kit edu
Karola Janz
Editorial Office RESEARCH TO BUSINESS, Innovation Contest
+49 721 608-22497
karola janzFxd8∂kit edu
KIT Simone Schappert
Communication KIT founders forge
+49 721 608-22612
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Sandra Erath
Technology Marketing, Online Editing
+49 721 608-22167
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Mail: innovationMzn4∂kit edu

Phone: 0721 608-25530

Technology Marketing

Experience technologies

The KIT has much to offer – created countless ideas, inventions, technologies and processes that form the basis for cooperation with industry are created by the scientific institutes. The innovation department is a door opener to the KIT for companies looking for technical solutions, people interested in collaborations and investors.

Scientific employees who search for a collaboration partner for their applied research also have access to the consultation of the innovation management.

In this process, the innovation department supports in the areas of marketing, sales and project initiation.

In addition, the innovation management manages the central communication of the founders activities at KIT within the KIT founders forge.


Any questions?

You can contact us at any time using the technology hotline or mail:
(+49)721 608-25530

Technology Proposals

Coiled to cut out short-circuiting

Supra-conductive transformer with new coil concept proves successful as an efficient current limiter.

Technology proposal



Good supra-conducting links

A connector with low resistance enables supra-conducting power cables to be connected quickly and efficiently and requiring minimum space.

Technology proposal

Cap Connenct Module
Assembly of power electronics

Novel assembly concept for switching power electronics stabilizes energy flows and reduces inductance.

Technology proposal

A serendipitous sensor system

A modular sensor system with an extended detection range can make robot engineering even safer.

Technology proposal

Directing currents in heat exchangers

Defined flow guidance in heat exchangers with micro-structured flow guiding elements raises thermal efficiency.

Technology proposal

A mobility check for separators

A new measuring method reveals lithium mobility in separators and makes performance in the battery cell quantifiable.

Technology proposal

A data turbo for light signals

An ultra-compact photo-detector on a silicon basis enables peak performance in optical data transfer.

Technology proposal

Taking the right turn

A magnetically asymmetric rotor to make electric motors even more powerful and efficient in propulsion technology and energy generating.

Technology proposal